A New Jersey for Wednesday Night Bikers that LOVE Wandering Wisconsin by Bicycle!
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Also Available in Sleeveless!
(as well as mens and women's cut!)

Another WNBR Season is upon us, and its been a rough start weather wise! Several people have asked me when there would be a new Wednesday Night Bike Ride jersey! Well, it's here! This jersey graphically screams "Wisconsin is biking paradise and I love it here!" Anyone who loves biking in Wisconsin can buy this jersey, so spread the love and share this with your biking friends near and far!

Sizing and Ordering

I do not plan to place another order but if you want one, I can see if I get enough interest for a second order. Email me if you want one but missed this order!

This high quality jersey is being made by Hidden Bay Graphics in Hayward Wisconsin and is available in Men's and Women's cuts. You can also choose if you want it with sleeves or sleeveless!

The cost is $70 plus tax and shipping. (There is an additonal fee for sizes 2X and Larger as well as Tall sizes. The good news is that those sizes are available!)

To determine your size, refer to this sizing chart. Here is a tip for women: I suggest you determine the size by going by the chest size, rather than waist and hips.

If you want to order a size STall MTall or LTall, please email me.) Order carefully, because we are not ordering any extras! This is your only chance to get one. We need a minimum of 25 orders to place an order, so spread the word!

Two Ways to Pay!

Before you pay via PayPal, know this:
If you go below and order and pay via Paypal, it will charge you $5 for shipping. If you prefer to order via email, and send me a check, I won't charge you for shipping unless I know for sure I will need to ship it to you. If you prefer this way, or just have a question, please email me at kay@kaylumdesign.com

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